Jazz Quartet

Members: saxophone, piano, bass, drums.

Jazz is an intellectual kind of music, and it will give any event a special status. Of all forms of exactly Quartet jazz has become particularly popular. Drums - this is the rhythm and playwright of the ensemble; Bass is the foundation of the ensemble, the basis for the rhythm and harmony; Piano is the harmony and diversity of melodic paints; Saxophone is a soloist, which gives the melody, voice and voice to ensemble.

This combination of instruments let you enjoy jazz music fully.

When it is used:

  • Concert program;
  • Wedding party;
  • Birthday Party;
  • Welcome;
  • Background music (for dinner, buffet-table, the informal part of the business-activities (conferences, forums, presentations and others).

Funny Day (Author's composition Roman Netesov)

The Jody Grind

Aqua De Beber


Jazz'n samba

Summer Samba

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