Winter2021 4

Jazz quintet. Popular, Dec.2021

Winter2021 1

Jazz quintet, christmas rep, Dec.2021

Winter2021 3

Jazz quartet, repetition, Dec.2021

Winter2021 2

Jazz quartet, repetition, Dec.2021

Nov2021 solo

Saxophone solo, Nov.2021

Apr2021 solo

Saxophone, solo, Apr.2021

NadyaKuznetcova rep

Quartet+Vocal Nadya Kuznetcova, Feb.2020


Jazz quartet, repetition Feb.2021


Jazz quintet, Jan.2020

NvidiaConference2017 video

Performance at the business conference of 3Logic и NVIDIA, Sep.2017

OrionHall 2017

Welcome play, OrionHall, Moscow,Sep.2017

spymoscow video

SPY Moscow, Feb. 2017


Interplay Plus and Lika Ramus (Nirvana)

quartet2016 1

Jazz quartet, June 2016 (1)

lika video

Interplay Plus and Lika Ramus (La La La - Naughty Boy)

lika video1

Interplay Plus and Lika Ramus (Rufus and Chaka Khan)